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empty in a good way

30 Apr


i stand between two trunks

and borrow their stillness,

which they are happy to share.

Their joy  is like no other:

deeply rooted yet still reaching: solid.

The bark, wordless and rough –

doesn’t give in and

doesn’t push back.

What more is there than this?

The seeming flurry and slurry

of problems sink down into the earth

or travel up into the leaves –

dabble dance

light and

shade – upon my feet.

You could charge by the hour, tree,

but you are paid in full

with no hand out –

in sun,

in  rain.

If only people knew,

they would

line up outside the gate,

come in one by one,

leaning themselves up

as needed.

They could stay as long as they liked,

learning not to

fear uncertainty.

If you wonder,

can i bear another spring?

another summer?

If there is not food of the world

that feeds you anymore –

lean into the space you have made

don’t rush to understand –

learn a thing from this

double-trunk tree.






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