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tax day cometh

11 Feb

Hafiz got a job down the street from here;

he’s dressed up like the statue of liberty, he is.

The sign he holds tells me to do my taxes,

but the dance he does is anything but taxing.

In fact, I think he may be charging from the sun

and could go on into infinity,

grooving, waving, grinning,

getting into people’s business

as they go about in cars.

The lights go from green to yellow to red

all day long, and so does he –

his singular gaze and gyrating hips

generate lasar beams in all directions

melting windshield glass and metal,

leaving us here at this intersection

floating on our disappearing seats

pushing pedals no longer there.

Lady liberty paid in full,

with a siren smile,

all our debts this sunny day,

calling to me, when I rolled down the window,

saying, death and taxes are as lovable as cancer,

when you dance with them all

on the road going home.

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