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court and be courted

22 Aug

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(Science 4 All)

So long gone am I, I did not know gossip still went on.

When I came upon it without warning, escape, that was my plan, but none could be had, so I turned and faced it,

recognizing that while I felt anger at the ripping of flesh so near to me, I knew no harm could ever come:

so then love came flooding in.

Speaking involves talking (no shit) on a continuum we all traverse, if we interact at all, and by choosing to engage

– we learn, again and again, to let our hearts lead the way.

Even when we hear what tearing apart with our tongues and smug clucking may seem to do, we all will have it another

way, eventually, as we learn to bless with a caring, clever twist or  silent push away.


What comes to us when we clear away the muck?

What has always been waiting in the spaces opening to our growth?

In comes the subtle play beneath appearances – so easy to miss – as IT begins to play with us, in every teaspoon full of time.

The cashier,

the bank teller,

the department head,

a kid who shouts, “Hey you,”

the book I’m reading,

the song out the window of a car passing by:

many words said to me on the outside reflect thoughts inside my head, events unfolding in my life, or even something coming my way.

What once seemed a steel wall softens, becomes malleable, allowing the membrane that makes inside and outside, then, now and later, connect.

The connections in the world are beaconing with honey – attracting me to drink.

Every moment a courting, from without, and from within, a mysterious wooing from my longing with no end.

I’m talking about an invisible world inside of what we see, from which there is no hiding, never can there be,

for when this something unseen has taken root,

it keeps growing exponentially,

Kudzo vines that flower, growing over maple and the pines – whole blocks of trees,

the old whole terrain now a forest city of green beings whispering math (not smack) into the night.









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