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12 Jun


Did I draw this darkness to me?  Maybe.

Could have been that challenging student,

the complaints of my child,

the traffic, the heat –

but quick as a blink, I’ve

exchanged rose lenses

for cataracts.

No food, no phone call, no errand

will allow me escape when

the old hag is sitting on my chest.

With not enough air to even cry out –

I overcome panic and

let the message

sink in –

sink down –

drown me.

100,000 feet within me there is more

than I can understand,

cold, damp,

pregnant with a mystery –

what will be born?

I’ve been escaping into lists

penned with surface – purpose fantasies,

instead of sinking to the bottom.

I’ve made the darkness grow and

now, here it is:

a dusty brick weighting my heart.

Awful, this feeling.

But isn’t that just it – why I avoid looking here?

The aching seabed calls to me –

this bruise is my alarm.

How many lives will I run away?

How many times have I gotten busy,

engaging anyone who would have me,

to escape the soul reason I came for?

Though I shiver from a chill at 95 degrees,

every cell cuddles

and chooses to remain

with me.

I quit my face;  I silence my ringer;

I’m marrying my shadow

in a dark wedding.

I make no promises,

about the reception

on the other side,

but if I had to give odds,

I think it is already lifting and

I’d stick around for the lemon cookies –

If I were you,

which I am;

they are worth the wait.



lemon balls


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