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remembering time as a female mantis

14 May

We are not in constant prayer because we are good.

Can you imagine how far you must feel

from goodness to believe you must

hold your arms in constant supplication?

We are always praying

while the urge to eat is constant;

the temperate air stirs

the belly something awful.

The ache to grow fresh life  – a constant hum.

I know what noise longing –

the racket  yes yes yes and want want want  –

makes within

my long green limbs.

How he must tremble,

for once he has

filled me,

then he must fill me again,

hunger not telling

the difference

between sex and food.

Every day, the book of life is open –

and we must make our case.

We pray,

for we know to survive on such savagery,

such blatant indulgence for the making and the taking of life,

is disdainful; it’s dreadful, is it not?

We pray

to god

who likes our mantis features,

who remembers our agreement,

who judges us not for being what we are.

We pray so we can remember that

we are doing our time,

our part of the


sex death dance

while the sun consumes the moon,

the ocean overtakes the land;

we are refining the hunger

for every last level.

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