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the canvas

24 Oct


Mark Rothko

“Silence is so accurate.”

When I forget and

dozen-dip the brush,

pure color turns muddy brown.

From here forward is a

letter to myself:

Silence the world;

breath into simple.

Dip your brush into

cups of Gratitude

and Trust:

broad stroke the linen a sunny reflection.

Gratitude is the gentle one

shining on nettles and narcissus,

stink bug and swallowtail.

Trust is the fire pit,  you


fiercely face forward into change.

What is change, you wonder.

It looks like

yang yearns for yin, and

reaches for her on every curving edge –

cusping them both toward the

round and round motion of creation,

a pirouette circling

same and strange.

Watch the swirl off the bristles;

see the blending and oozing

into every inch of what is and what will be.

Doubt is fear for opening the gift given.

It delays you.

You know.

I raised you better than that.

Allow doubt for just a down beat, then shift up;

you are the artist

and deservedly so.

Two colors,

One canvas


– silence.


(Awake in 365 days cleared my palette today; thanks for your steady and true truths!)

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