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present in the senses

4 Jul

A couple of days ago, I was gifted time with my friend on a beach in a chair under an umbrella, but it doesn’t stop there.  My friend, S, immersed in a new book find, Reality, by Peter Kingsley,  also gave me the gift of reading aloud to me from this book.  The shade, the water, the sky, the sand, the searing words:  what have I ever done to enjoy such richness as this?

Here is an interview, but the part (starting about 12:00) about our senses is crazy good for me in my now.  Peter Kingsley’s descriptions here gave me a recognition of a dullness of my awareness.   I sat for a moment just now and felt a heightening from being in 5 senses at once.  The rest of my flow suddenly felt like black and white, comparatively.  Am I often anesthetized to my senses?  Can one maintain an awareness at this level in a moment to moment?


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