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woo woo, part two

21 Mar

Woo Woo is one of the topics that crosses the imaginary lines of our comfort zones.

In the continuum from strict, critical analysis <———–> to wide-open whacko, I haven’t signed up for a ride on a spaceship sight unseen, yet 🙂 but  I am mostly always fascinated by that which I cannot explain.   I am exhilarated by my peeks behind the curtain – which have occurred in many ways throughout my years.

One such exploration was down the trail of photographing orbs, spirits, lights…some thing at night.

After stepping into the void of separation from my marriage of 20 years, I spent a good part of that summer and fall wandering around my marshy neighborhood in the inky black evenings with my camera – crazy lady with a camera,  🙂 that was me.

One lovely photographer that I have come across focuses her blog on the phenomenon that I was hunting at that time.  I love checking out this site, when I can:  http://orbsdelight.wordpress.com

I had learned about the presence of orbs and such from my friend and saw that much could be seen through the inferred cameras with flash at night.  It is ironic for me to be taking pictures as I am well-known in my family and friends to be impaired with a camera.    i like capturing through my eyes, but the extension of extra equipment has always challenged me.  I tell tourists who thrust their cameras at me that they would be better off asking elsewhere as I am hopeless, cutting off heads and small children as I squint.  For me to capture anything unusual on the screen seems a mini-miracle in itself.

But this particular summer I didn’t care about my lack of skill.  My subjects didn’t seem to care either.   I was capturing the world unseen for my own enjoyment.  Things often appeared that I could not explain.

Two nights at the end of June 2011, this large manifesting light appeared in the same spot, two nights in a row.  Never before or since have I captured anything this dramatic.  This is the marsh behind my neighborhood.


Same shot: cropped close.


This is night two, in a bit of a fairy-like shape:


Same shot: close crop.SB2short-1

Here is an orb party I seem to have crashed:orbparty

This is a strange blue orb that I captured near my parents’ house in Northern Georgia:blueliteorb

Same shot: close crop.


And here is the phenomenon that I call spirit lights:


Be sure and click on these photos as they are hard to see unless a bit more blown up:


These shots are the highlights; to give perspective, dramatic appearances of large, vibrant, or unusual phenomenon were rare, but orbs and lights were present every night.

I haven’t any insight on what exactly I’m capturing with the camera here, but I find the process powerful and validating for knowing that the world outside our eyes and range of awareness most definitely exists.

Too woo woo for you?

Here is a link to Woo Woo part One 🙂 if you are so inclined.

12-12-12: Time to Get All Woo Woo

12 Dec


Woo woo:  adj. concerned with emotions, mysticism, or spiritualism; other than rational or scientific; mysterious; new agey. Also n., a person who has mystical or new age beliefs.

I spent years dwelling in duplicity; I was attracted to tangible manifestations of the world unseen while I presented an outward persona of scientific rational scoff at anything skirting on the edges of verifiability.

The shedding of identity is so lovely in that nothing is sticky.  When beliefs are not required, openness allows the mystery to enter and gently unfold itself to one’s observing eye.  And still nothing sticks. No explanation needed.  No need for the adoption of a new woo woo identity or cloak of new age mumbo jumbo.  The seen and the unseen exist together; we can tangibly observe this with open eyes…and flash photography 🙂

My daughters have had some challenging years of late: divorce, discomfort, boat life,  stigma,  bi-polar papa, to name a few off the top of my head…A little behind the scenes aid might have been in order.

I took several photos of Eden on her birthday last fall on a late night walk around the marshy areas near our home…and her unseen protective (perhaps) forces were all about.


This shot is taken in the pitch dark.  The shape of this flying light beside her seems like a butterfly, but the thick body seems to defy careful definition.  Then this same shape appeared in a tree a few weeks later.  Flying bats and insect appear in my photos all the time, but they do not light up like this, they reflect the flash back dully…this entity appears lit from within.


I have named this light Eden’s farie.  Eden is loath to have a woo woo mama, but will ask to see this picture every once in a while, perhaps to validate to herself the forces that are around us everyday, watching, strengthening, guarding…who knows?

Just to add a bit of rationality…when I think of the full range of the light spectrum that we have discovered compared to the limited range that humans are able to perceive unaided, the existence of  “things’ outside our awareness no longer seems woo woo, but inevitable.  Just to over-think it 🙂

Woo woo, yes, but also simple exploration lovingly held in the open hands of wonder.

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