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tell yourself, “i am awake and dreaming” 17 times a day

21 Jul


ouroboros person

I get lost in a neighborhood,

trying to cut


but the roads just go on and on,

a maze with no end.

The houses get more and more

decrepit; and then

I see a parked car, painted like a zebra.

But I am awake.


In a dream,

my dad buys me a car, painted like a zebra;

yet I can’t be sure;

which zebra car came first?


To tell myself that I am dreaming in the day

is to pull a release lever on my furrowed brow.

I give myself permission to be the listener,

the watcher,

the dull one at the party where the walls dance better than I.

I am the dreamer with no opinion.


Tired of debate, tired of ideas,

I prefer my meowing session with the tiger

camped outside my door,

the rain on my roof,

I mean my skull,

counting out the change;

this thunder never stops,

a hallway never ends.

Boiled down to just bare eyes and ears,

I have no thing to teach,

no theory on which to base my lessons.


Can we dream together while we are waking up

instead of all this talking to make sense?

Patterns exist in the night and  in the day –

But I will not be mapping it out –

I know how it ends and so do you,

but who is directing the film?

David Lynch gets a guest spot, I’m sure.

S – Thank you for the book and the blurring of the lines; see me irreversibly lost in a dream.




pressing dream

17 Apr

there is something I’ve forgotten that is gnawing at the edges, licking behind my ear lobe, pressing the top of my skull as I sleep. I’ve had this before, the edges of dreams that press up against my waking with an urgency – a map – a need that once awake, fades into nothing but an ache  that cannot be named but wants to be soothed – there is something I am being told to remember.

this happened before years ago, a feeling of knowing in the night, of task, of connection, certainty that fades yet still shoves up against me for days.  I often wonder if I am being prepared for the shipwrecks coming into my life – my dreams are a locker room talk with spirit, complete with a game time strategy drawn on a dry erase board by my higher self.

dreamFor some reason, my conscious brain is kept out of loop so often.  In my experience in another realm after hovering between life and death with the birth of my daughter, I remember being held – full body held in the arms of someone immense who whispered in my ear the love and support that was with me.  And I was told then of the game plan too, but the details never came back.  I live in the moment with a constant case of deja vu.

The being came again and again for years giving me refreshers, downloads, and reboots, all of it fading upon light.  The matches are stowed safely away from this baby.

It doesn’t even matter; the knowledge of the reality beyond this little life is first hand.  The love and support and peek behind the veil is first hand.  Perhaps Rabbit holes and traps exist for the identity with too much information.  Or may be that fulfilling my path takes a certain blindness to make it the real journey and not a cake walk 😉


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