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longing is a secret door

8 Feb

We only need to long

from inside the caverns of our lower bellies

and from our furnace hearts,

not from the jumpled frenzy of our thoughts.

Each moment

is the longing for breath,

and the longing for blood in veins

to carry what the breath brought in –

just to keep us alive enough to long some more.


However, we are thinking animals

who have wallpapered over desire

with such complex patterns

that we’ve forgotten where

the impulse to act

about anything

came from.

Seen is that at the bottom of all complexity,

we can codify.

Is this list accurate?

Humans desire:

  1. to keep on breathing
  2. to pleasure the flesh
  3. to distract from the horror that comes from an empty cup at the heart of just existing
  4. to keep on breathing



basic breath will go away; it will.

(enormous, this!)

Then and only then,

desiring the air of another realm

will pull us out of this life —

and though I can not prove anything to you,

I practice breathing and ending breath both;

for when my moment comes,  I desire ease.

I imagine our work on this larger breath can be gifted

to whomever needs it ~ when.

Use it with my blessing,

for I love you in this breath.



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