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baby baby

15 Nov

foot of the stairs This is me, right now.  I am a baby and I am just now gazing up the staircase to the mystery. I am a simple pip-squeak, but being a baby at the bottom of the staircase is a very good set of circumstances. There is great unknowing here. There are abounding possibilities from this spot. There is humility in knowing this, that I am a baby.  I am not tempted to claim knowledge or write a book on all I know when I stand here in my diapers. There is a focus that comes at the bottom of the stairs.  No longer does the veneer of conversation from the living room tempt me.  The smells wafting from the kitchen don’t pull me in for a feast of tastes. The raging party in the basement? Nope. I’ve got a tall set of stairs to explore!  And that is not all.  There is another floor and set of stairs beyond this one.  The floors go on forever – into infinity, for all I can tell. The speck of dust perspective is encased with a thick layer of love holding me tightly yet also compelling me up and out.  Beyond this house, there are  neighborhoods, cities, lands, oceans, a planet, then many worlds and realms in every direction, seen and unseen. When I catch glimpses of this, and the awareness of all the vastness that this little being can scarcely begin to explore, I can get a bit intimidated, yet this knowing coaxes me out of my shell and comforts, encourages me to clear the decks for exploration into what is to be found on the staircase up, sensed but invisible to baby eyes. Anybody out there want to crawl with me – up the stairs and out the skylight to the night sky to the stars to discover that not only are we babies, but we are also more than we could have ever imagined?  Let’s go look around the bend, with the eyes that never blink.

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