The Sweetness of Invisible Comfort

17 Feb

2 Responses to “The Sweetness of Invisible Comfort”

  1. Miguel Clark Mallet February 19, 2020 at 10:08 pm #

    There’s much in this that I find appealing, but at the same time, as someone who is a member of a marginalized group, and someone who is painfully aware of other groups of people who are much more marginalized, much that disturbs me. What does it means to someone who is experiencing the pain of oppression, and who sees others experiencing that pain, to hear that the key is to surrender to a universality and community, when it’s community that tells the person they are less than or nothing? I couldn’t help but cringe when I heard “political correctness” and an overemphasis on individual rights as the problem, when for millions of people the right to simply exist, to be treated as human beings, is daily in question.

    I agree wholeheartedly that there is one existence, which is as it is, but isn’t then discord and disharmony just as much a part of that existence as harmony? Isn’t that existence, in fact, multifaceted and varied rather than? I suppose I’m saying that the concept of universality and oneness has been used to degrade, diminish, and exclude; it’s being used that way in this culture, right now. It all feels to me not so simple…

    • marga t. February 23, 2020 at 1:50 pm #

      Such good pondering. Continuing to question and explore, breakdown and throw away , and gather again seems our doing here. And nothing is ever shared by me, at lease I intend, as anything but observations from this little droplet. Sometimes I’m captivated by the rhythm of someone’s speak (on purpose spelling:) or the sound of their voice, or their perspective just in that moment. The questioning that arises from that is most welcome. In essence, I hear you. This paradox is a good one to observe and allow to reflect back to us in a mirror that helps us see our own “take”. The world is a funhouse mirror so crazy anymore and there is much to observe about suffering here. I am drawn to the multifaceted and varied, and see the oneness t00 (two) – the mind can’t solve it, yet there it is. Wonderful. Hope you are flowing well, this sunday morning. sending love. x m

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