4 easy ways to solve all your problems NOW

10 Feb

Take any one truth and

follow it completely

to the bittersweet end

instead of the hithering and thithering

of our now.

For example,

“go with the flow”

or “there is no problem”

or “be here now”

or “whatever is is”.

I made that last one up, maybe,

but who cares?

Take one idea to the extreme of understanding

in every moment of what time you have left.

That’s it.

I lied to you;

it is not 4 steps, but 1 long step from now

to the end.

We have been living like grease slicks on shallow puddles

in pot holes in grocery store parking lots

up to now…maybe all times are this way:





Clicking to the next channel

with ease, once remotes became a thing,

led to cable tv

which led to computers

which led to tabs open for days

enticing but never understood,

videos never watched–

4 easy ways to solve all your problems NOW

with our 7 second attention spans.

How about diving into that greasy puddle,

through the asphalt,

to the layers of dirt and moles and worms

to the water table and rock beds.

keeping on going, in the one spot,

straight down, to the mantle,

to the core, perhaps-

who knows what is there?

Is there a turning center nugget of gold or a turtle or a mantis or a laughing god on a pogo stick?

We don’t know.

There are emphatic measurers who provide diagrams of what lies beneath,

but phooey, we are infants, larva, asserting theories about our blind spots…

we’ve been shooting up holes on the filmy top layer

of a hard boiled egg long enough.

The advice today is

follow one single concept as far as it can go,

until you are the world renowned expert on this one singular drilling down

but by then you will have long disappeared

into molten goo

going with the flow,

in the arteries of truth

beneath the crust of known.

You with the singular focus

of a paralyzed and unaccommodated,

forever open eye ball.




2 Responses to “4 easy ways to solve all your problems NOW”

  1. Just Joan February 10, 2019 at 6:08 pm #

    I’m a fan of quick, easy solutions, but the truth is (as you have alluded), there are none. I started therapy last year to dive into that greasy puddle, through the asphalt, to the layers of dirt and moles and worms, to the water table and rock beds. I’m still digging, in that one spot, straight down, toward the mantle, toward the core… I haven’t gotten there yet, but I suspect I know what is there: undeserved shame. Its lies at the heart of nearly everything and its poison must be counteracted–aired and cleared–so you can find your way back out. Your poem captures well the persistence and patience needed to get to the bottom of things, something few possess in our SnapChat ADHD world. If you are also digging, Marga, keep going, good luck, Godspeed. 🙂

    • marga t. February 10, 2019 at 11:58 pm #

      I love your addition here, JJ! It does seem under all the deep dives lies a discomfort of “not good enough”, which is essentially shame. What a help we can be to each other when we share about the truths excavated, so thank you!! A silly phrase pops into my head, something like a sisterhood of the “digging right here” pants. 🙂 Sending your good wishes toward me and my digging back to you with love. m

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