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night walker

7 Oct

there is a green small blooming

of algae

that has come to the creek

that I walk over,

that I cross in the night

carrying my little baggie of bread for the turtles of all sizes

the blooming has covered the surface in chartreuse

which swirls now as the turtles swim beneath

oh, the mystery of a turtle’s mouth as it lunges

beneath the psychedelic dance of green

where to toss the bread becomes a guessing game

of chance, how can this night so much the same

as every night be a world transformed yet again?

no sky is ever the same

no tide rises to the exact same spot, ever

all pleasure is solitary and small and everything

there are so very few who could understand

how secretly happy I am, in the dark,

so alone

at last no one to tell about my small singular

exploding life

a woman is a blessed being

in her blossoming

which comes long after

anyone can see

yet her fragrance

is a powerful potion

blessing invisibly, generously

behind a gypsy grin and laugh

a twirling skirt of ascension.

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