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my one, small life – a saturday matinee

11 Oct

does the butterfly

in the watering hole

of an elephant’s footprint

ask its purpose?

does it pause, wondering about the consequences

of the movement that flows so effortless from breeze to wing

and back again?

must I question the clip clop of flip flops on docks

in a comfortable air served up

for musing, for(e)seeing today?

solo, tufted heron in the mud

eyes my flapping elbows

as I push my cart of supplies,

chasing the space between

the planks.

can there really be no difference between the drone of cars

and my clomping along?

no space between my skin and the hovering, pungent salt?

no other stirring human is here to remind me

anymore of human behavior –

my hermitage moves with me,

each seen thing dances on the back of my mobile cave,

my one cranium wall,

every thought – shadows moving.

to take on a body, to buy a ticket to this short matinee,

one agrees to take one’s seat, one agrees to smell through one nose.

almost 50 years in this seat

has me settling in at last, to this – my single, solitary

point of viewing, for now, and with this sigh

as deep as hip bones,

some thing pulls back a curtain.

the ache of aloneness blows

out the clotted vein,

blasts away any clinging to an artery.

once again

I pulse the beat of birds

who never knew difference between my eye and theirs,

between my foot or some claw.

I’ve a feather in my mouth from your molting –

you’ve a candy wrapper in your nest from me.

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