court and be courted

22 Aug

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(Science 4 All)

So long gone am I, I did not know gossip still went on.

When I came upon it without warning, escape, that was my plan, but none could be had, so I turned and faced it,

recognizing that while I felt anger at the ripping of flesh so near to me, I knew no harm could ever come:

so then love came flooding in.

Speaking involves talking (no shit) on a continuum we all traverse, if we interact at all, and by choosing to engage

– we learn, again and again, to let our hearts lead the way.

Even when we hear what tearing apart with our tongues and smug clucking may seem to do, we all will have it another

way, eventually, as we learn to bless with a caring, clever twist or  silent push away.


What comes to us when we clear away the muck?

What has always been waiting in the spaces opening to our growth?

In comes the subtle play beneath appearances – so easy to miss – as IT begins to play with us, in every teaspoon full of time.

The cashier,

the bank teller,

the department head,

a kid who shouts, “Hey you,”

the book I’m reading,

the song out the window of a car passing by:

many words said to me on the outside reflect thoughts inside my head, events unfolding in my life, or even something coming my way.

What once seemed a steel wall softens, becomes malleable, allowing the membrane that makes inside and outside, then, now and later, connect.

The connections in the world are beaconing with honey – attracting me to drink.

Every moment a courting, from without, and from within, a mysterious wooing from my longing with no end.

I’m talking about an invisible world inside of what we see, from which there is no hiding, never can there be,

for when this something unseen has taken root,

it keeps growing exponentially,

Kudzo vines that flower, growing over maple and the pines – whole blocks of trees,

the old whole terrain now a forest city of green beings whispering math (not smack) into the night.









11 Responses to “court and be courted”

  1. ptero9 August 22, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    How lovely Marga!

    Especially, but not only:

    “Every moment a courting, from without, and from within, a mysterious wooing from my longing with no end.”

    Of course this leads to love, of course!

    Much love,

    • marga t. August 23, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

      So grateful to be enjoying the company of the likes of you in these explorations, Debra! xo! m

  2. Hariod Brawn August 22, 2014 at 6:21 pm #

    Marga, you suggest a beckoning made to our attention from an external world – ‘. . . words said to me on the outside reflect thoughts inside my head. . .’.

    This reminds me of the orthodox Buddhist sutta discourseThe Fire Sermon. []

    The discourse recounts how our senses are burning in so much as we grasp outwardly through them to (what the mind creates as) an otherness of the world. This in turn generates feelings which inflame (‘in flame’) with desire and aversion.

    You go on to posit ‘. . . an invisible world inside of what we see, from which there is no hiding, never can there be’. This suggests a world that is non-locational and non-dual – it cannot be located as it is ‘invisible’; it is not delineated by space and yet has an elusive obviousness. It is neither inside nor outside our sense of self or body, and cannot be grasped at by the senses; and yet it is.

    This invisible and indivisible world invites us to court it; it nakedly flirts with our minds through the thinnest of veils – an infinitely flexing diaphanous covering so subtly constituted that any attempt to rip it apart denies any penetration by the inflamed senses.

    Perhaps the answer is that we must become better lovers?

    Hariod. ❤

  3. marga t. August 23, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    What a deep teaching – burning and estrangement – liberation through the dying of passion. So many ways to point! I am enjoying the images that the The Fire Sermon teaching, and you, H, (you do have a way with turning of phrase!), enliven in me, this morning. I find I am continually mulling over ” an infinitely flexing diaphanous covering so subtly constituted that any attempt to rip it apart denies any penetration by the inflamed senses,” and I am unable to pin it down exactly – a bit koan like for me, in that the words put together in that particular way riddle me right out of “thought” and have me catching glimpses of an undulating invisible scarfskin.

    A house generally represents us in our dreams, according to many dream “experts.” I am imagining the way burning down the houses of us ironically makes us those better lovers!

    So very grateful that you share with such depth and humor, Hariod: such a gifting from your burned down self, I imagine. xo! marga

    • Hariod Brawn August 23, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

      I’ve never seen that great video before Marga, though I know the song well of course. They used to call this sort of thing ‘New Wave’ didn’t they? It sounds pretty contemporary still, even though it was produced/recorded back ’82. The very funky Bonnie Rait does a cover of it, as you may know.

      I went off on one in my earlier comment I think Marga; suddenly the idea of glimpsing the beyond felt very sexy – ‘penetration by the inflamed senses’ – indeed! Ooh, rip me apart and (insert as appropriate) me senseless.

      Okay, you can censor this; I’ll understand.

      Hariod. ❤

      • marga t. August 23, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

        You rock on with your sexy insights, Hariod. I don’t have any British reserve, I’m afraid. 🙂 Oscar Wilde saw it, everything is about sex – and Morrissey (of Smiths) I believe recognized the Godly sex act of creation – the yen and yang, the bursting of stars and gamma rays are probably all about sex. Without sex, I imagine utter stillness – nothing motived to move toward or away from anything. I am seeing it, but not feeling it, for your words are saturated in what we are talking about!

  4. seeingm August 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    I watched the original video(s) (which I initially did not have time to find the ending for and was coming back to investigate) and now they have gone poof! I LOVE IT. (I think I would have a score of 3 if applied to meeting Kevin Bacon -lol).

    Looking forward to new link listening as well. -x.M

    • marga t. August 27, 2014 at 4:57 pm #

      Oh, those old videos; that was so then and now is so now 😉

      Seems like I must have had some reason for a switcharoo, but I am now again in yet another space, and I don’t remember exactly… So grateful am I for friends like you who keep visiting me in my continuing nows. I’m touching the earth, knowing you and I can connect through the ground, at least for right NOW. Love you so! m

  5. Michael August 29, 2014 at 1:45 am #

    You touch on something here, M, which I resonate as much with tonight as the cosmic woo-ing, and that is the necessity of engagement, with all its occasionally muddy and confounding dis-equilibriums. The crossfire of the surroundings from which we can never truly separate ourselves. The pot stirring of life. Bringing the flavors of the heart up to the surface for release into the open air.


    • marga t. August 29, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

      Oh, I think you help me see the connections felt, but not fully understood myself. When I came back and reread this, I kept wondering why I was seeing a connection between coming across gossip that made me so uncomfortable and the pull of synchronicities – now you help me to see the how all of our full immersion experiences are a necessary part. I often seem to separate myself, so seeing the blossoming that the composting of full body experiencing can bring about helps the whole seem connected more clearly. Grateful!

  6. ~meredith August 30, 2014 at 3:10 pm #

    Isn’t it funny how words define expression? like: gossip. everything is momentum, vibration. coming together’s, re-formations, circling, disengaging, re-engaging… all these many things under one umbrella… and you express the expanded thought without denigrating the raw emotion of immediate perception. wow.

    you’re so cool.

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